turkish/korean couple - Interracial and International Love Stories

Hey, my name is Ebru and my boyfriends name is Dongho (turkish/korean couple)
We met through an app after he moved to Germany and became good friends first and talked nearly everyday to each other 🙂 we live 470 km away from each other but both still in Germany 🙂 we decided to meet in the midpoint (Frankfurt am Main) for the first time and we fell for each other.. now we are a happy couple and he visitet me in my city for 3 days so we spent our first 3 days of our couple life and it was the most amazing time of my life ~
His and my moms birthday are on the same day so they met and he bought her a rose ❤ she really loves and trusts him which makes me happy ❤
He is the most perfect one for me and hopefully we will move into the same city next year when we both go to university ^~^ I love you Askim ❤

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