Sarah and Daniel - Interracial and International Love Stories

Hi. My name is Sarah and this handsome guy beside me is Daniel. We met 4 years ago in the 7th grade.
I’ve grown up in the south with completely country old school values of a family. My family is 100% against interracial marriage so much as to I will be kicked out of the family if I marry this boy one day. I am a Christian and I want to please God in everything I do, so as you can see, this would be very hard for me.
Daniel claims he knew he found the one when he first saw me at only 12 years old. Maybe he did. He believed this so much he decided to ask me out 6 times within a month. I didn’t want to say yes because 1.) Fear of my parents and 2.) I believed how they did since I was raised that way. I said yes the 6th time to get him to quit nagging me and soon broke up with him from guilt. The next couple years we grew very close. He become a brother to me. He proved he loved me. He never left when everyone else did and did everything in his power to make sure a smile stays on my fac

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