Norway and Indonesia Couple - Interracial and International Love Stories

Hi 😊 I’m isni and this handsome man is my boyfriend, Magnus, i live in Indonesia and he lives in Norway, we have a lot of differences, such as timezone, religion, culture, etc , but we’ve been staying strong to be in ldr since October 8 2014 , he came to Indonesia to visit me twice, on april 7 and August 3 last year , and he’s planning to come back here very soon , we met unexpectedly in a group chat on whatsapp , actually we both had no idea what that group was about, we were randomly added but apparently we got along really well and he happened to start talking to me on private chat , anyways to all ldr couples all around the world, i just want to let you know that LDR IS ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT, just don’t give up 💪💪

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