Malaysian and Turkish Couple - Interracial and International Love Stories

I’m Malaysian, she’s Turkish. We’re quite young, but i never thought i’d cross paths with her at such a young age. Amazingly, out of all odds. We met in a forest, I was conducting a Management Program at the Royal Belum State Park, Perak, Malaysia and that was where i met her. Intertwined and now madly in love. We met in Malaysia, and i followed her to her dream country, India. I became part of her dream, and she became my dream. She has affected all my perspectives and views on life and i am now given a new sense of life. She practically came out of nowhere and it happened so fast.
Now she’s back in Turkey and im back in Malaysia. Sure some would note how hard LDR’s are, but we’re still going strong and i aim to spend the rest of my life with her. Doesnt matter where, as long as it’s with her.

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