AfricanAmerican & Filipino Couple! - Interracial and International Love Stories

Hey Guys! Here is a picture of my soul mate and I. I’m Gina and I’m African-American and his name is Jonathan and he is Filipino. What makes our story so unique is that not only are we two minorities that are rare to come by, but we are also long distance lovers. We dated a year before even meeting. Even so we talked every single day, either on the phone or Skype or text. Always keeping each other aware of the life we were living. We were complete opposites but had three common relationship goals: To find someone who wouldn’t give up on the other, to get married in the future, and to never under appreciate the love bond that keeps us together. I never felt so loved and appreciate by any one until I met him. I prayed to God to send me someone like this. I feel so secure. I am excited about what the future has in store for us! -Gina

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